Ambitions in Movie Making!

Pat Lalley

From an early age Jamie has loved watching films and movies and today turns his incredible drive and ambition to making them. He says “I remember my parents taking me to the pictures to watch Star Wars - Return of the Jedi in around 1983. Not only have I been a huge Star Wars fan since, I was hooked on the movies, the smell, the ice cream lady, the pop corn, the darkness, the fire exit lights, the atmosphere”. With working in the construction industry for 20 plus years he has vast experience in project management in the Railway Industry and has constructed some major projects such as Stafford Resignalling, Lichfield Resignalling and Electrification, Rugby Resignalling, Milton Keynes, Thameslink Resignalling (Blackfriars London) and London Bridge and Reading Station! Huge jobs with multi-million pound budgets.

With his background in management and stills photography Jamie eased into producing, directing and cinematography. “It seems that all my skills acquired from an extensive history in business and creativity have all come together at the right time. My ambition is to bring back the movie atmosphere of old times, where people fell in love with the characters and felt emotionally attached, to them and the story. I feel for the first time in years Director Gareth Edwards achieved this in Star Wars Rogue One. This is the way movies should be made and a bench mark for my new career for the next 20 years!”

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Sneak preview of the book "Sylvia"

Well, its actually a sneak preview of some photographs from Jamie’s anticipated book “Sylvia” which will be published towards the middle of 2019. The book covers Jamie’s journey in life and photography so far and how he ultimately photographed supermodel Sylvia Gobbel, one of Helmut Newton’s favourite models.


New website and new portfolio for 2019!

Following a very stressful and complicated 2018, Jamie admits he did’t really do as much photography as he’d hoped. Therefore with a new passion for coloured photography, 2019 is going to be very different. “People normally associate my work with Black and White Photography, but this year I’m going to try and create much more colour in my work”.

This year Jamie will also be producing new tutorials and workshops to help others like others helped him. With new and exciting projects on the horizon, make sure you sign up to his new “Creative Studio” and then you won’t miss out!

Leanne Brown - Former participant on TV Show “The Real Housewives of Cheshire”

Leanne Brown - Former participant on TV Show “The Real Housewives of Cheshire”